Your body is toned, why is your skin not?

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Your body is toned, why is your skin not?

When I talk with most patients who are struggling with skin issues I find most people are not doing the basics, and often skipping toner or not using it enough. Skipping toning can not only stop your products from penetrating and working their best but it can also cause breakouts. 

In order for active ingredients to penetrate threw the skin there has to be no oil on the surface of the skin. Think of oil on your kitchen stove , water just will spread it and leave a thin layer over the stove where a cleaner will remove it and leave the surface clean. Our skin is very similar and once we use a toner to control oil we always balance the ph by applying creams and spf after and to add hydration back to the skin. Most people think it’s just a wasted step but if not using AM and PM we are just moving oil around and making pores larger. Nothing seems toned about that! So remember to tone twice a day after cleansing to make your products work harder. 

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