Team Vanity

With a team of some of Vancouver’s top beauty miracle workers (your new best friends), and advanced medical technology, we are the latest secret weapon for beauty that doesn’t wash off.


Natasha has come a long way from being the only girl in heels in the chemistry labs in college to redefining the science of beauty. With degrees in Kinesiology & science, Natasha originally planned to go into midwifery. She then went on to study medical aesthetics with a curriculum of the highest caliber in the country. When Natasha isn’t at the lab, you can find her training for her next marathon or chasing after her four beautiful children.


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Jessica the beauty guru. When it comes to products and treatments there is nothing she has not researched, tried, or tweaked. She is always eager to offer honest and straight forward cosmetic advice.


Co-Founder (Edmonton)

Vancouver Team:

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Dr. Jordan Atkinson

Doctor (ND)
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Dr. Robert Dale

Doctor (MD)
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Dr. Simone O'Sheehan

Doctor (ND)
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Dr. Rick Santimaw

Doctor (ND)

Carmen has been in the skincare industry for the past 13 years. She has a true passion and thorough understanding of the skin, she loves to share her passion and knowledge with others. Carmen has managed top medical aesthetic clinics around the world and takes pride in knowing that the clinic is well organized and offers a seamless and high end experience for each customer. When she is not at the lab you can find her outdoors conquering the next mountain and searching for the bluest lake in BC.


Business Operations Manager
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Patient Experience Manager

Fernando is a multifaceted communicator who loves all things marketing, from planning to creating content, photography, video, advertising, public relations & more. He graduated with a degree in Business & Communication in Brazil, moving to Canada in 2018 with 7+ years of experience focused in the beauty & fashion industry. Skincare is where his passions lies. His work has been published in 10 countries in outlets such as Vogue & Cosmopolitan Magazine. When he is not glued to his phone, you can find him exploring BC (probably Whistler) or walking all over the city for his coffee fix!


Marketing Manager
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Assistant Manager
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Kendra has been working in the beauty industry for 16 years. She received her Degree in Esthetics from Blanche MacDonald. She went on to share her expertise by training others in both Canada & US. Wanting to expand her knowledge she went back to school earning her Medical Esthetics and Laser Diploma at All Body Laser. She considers TVL her family and continues to train new technicians, as well as help her clients feel even more beautiful than when they came in. Skincare is pretty much a hobby for her, but you can find her working out or baking on a day off, while listening to a crime pod cast.


Medical Aesthetician & Trainer

Whether you need skincare tips from around the globe, or advice about how to stay sun safe on your vacation (and how to fix the damage from a past one!) Tanya will be happy to share all her tips and tricks she's acquired over the years to get you on track with your skincare goals. After spending eight years travelling the world as an international flight attendant, Tanya is happy to have her feet firmly planted in Vancouver at the Lab. When Tanya isn’t helping you achieve your skin care dreams, you can find her hiking the north shore mountains with her son and their beloved dogs.


Medical Aesthetician


Medical Aesthetician

Kendall started out in the beauty industry over 10 years ago. With her focus gradually shifting towards all things skin she become more passionate about fixing skin problems from the inside out rather than covering them up! So, she hit the books went back to school for training and has loved being in the lab ever since!


Medical Aesthetician

Rosslynd was born and raised in the beautiful Okanagan, or better known as wine country! Once she found her passion for Aesthetics, she decided to peruse her dreams and make her move to the big city. She is currently attending Blanche MacDonald for their Professional Aesthetics program. Rosslynd is passionate about all things beauty and when she’s not busy with school or work, you can find her shopping or exploring Vancouver, always looking to try a new restaurant!


Medical Aesthetician


Medical Aesthetician

Hayley joined the The Vanity Lab team in early 2020. Originally from Toronto, she ventured to Vancouver to study the industry of Aesthetics. She loves everything beauty, and takes pride in helping people feel confident inside and out by reaching their skin goals. On her days off, you can find her baking cookies, running and venturing around Vancouver’s beaches!


Medical Aesthetician


Medical Aesthetician

Jane has had a passion for all things skin and wellness for as long as she can remember. She graduated from Nicola Finches LaserSpa Academy in 2019 and truly love helping patients meet their skin goals. When Jane isn’t working at the clinic you can usually find her hiking the surrounding mountains of Vancouver or dinning with friends at one of the many vegan restaurants in Vancouver.


Medical Aesthetician

Lauren has always had a love and passion for the beauty industry and anything skincare related. She graduated with a diploma in spa therapy and aesthetics from Blanche Macdonald, and is currently continuing her education in Medical Aesthetics. A self proclaimed “beauty enthusiast” she loves learning about the new and “must have” beauty treatments and products on the market.


Patient Coordinator
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Patient Coordinator
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Medical Aesthetician
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Doctor's Assistant


Distribution Coordinator
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Patient Coordinator
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Doctor's Assistant
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Patient Coordinator

Chelsie is a master at organizing and planning. She will go above and beyond to lend a helping hand. Chelsie is the person responsible for the smooth running of Natasha (boss ladies) day to day life. When she is not working (which is very rarely) you can find her spending quality time with her dog Harley and searching for her next Caffeine fix.


Executive Assistant

Edmonton Team:

Danica new

Danica Plumb NP

Nurse Practitioner
Jenna new


Medical Aesthetician
Kaitlin new


Medical Aesthetician


Medical Aesthetician


Patient Coordinator