At-Home Retinol Peel

At-Home Retinol Peel

Now’s the time to try the Zo At-Home Retinol Peel! This is an aggressive peel that uses the ZO Radical Night Repair 1% Retinol. Benefits include helping patients with aging and photo-damaged skin to radically reduce wrinkles, tighten pores, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, rough texture, and sagging skin.


We are here to hold your hand and walk you through it by phone and email. Check out our Instagram Stories and YouTube tutorial (see the video below) where we go through it step-by-step.


Make sure to utilize virtual Bob! Here’s here to answer all your questions and get you on track to the best skin of your life.


Before you start: The fundamental ZO products are important to pre-condition the skin and strengthen the barrier before starting the retinol peel. We recommend the Getting Skin Ready system as well as the Daily Power Defense. Most of our patients are already on the fundamentals, but if you’re not, please email Bob at [email protected] so he can help guide you on pre-treating so you’re starting with healthy, strong skin. Do not start this peel unless you have all the products needed including your epidermal repair cream for the healing process which would be your ZO Renewal Cream or your ZO Hydrating Cream only

ZO Radical Night Repair



Choose your peel bundle or purchase the products individually if you already have some in your skincare routine. Be sure you ONLY use these products during the at-home peel.

Half-Size Peel Bundle
Half-Size Peel Bundle

Hydrating Cleanser (1.5 oz.)
Exfoliating Polish (0.5 oz.)
Complexion Renewal Pads (30 pads)
Daily Power Defense (1.0 oz.)
Radical Night Repair Plus (1.0 oz.)
Renewal Creme (1.7 oz.)

Peel Add-Ons:
Indie Lee Squalene Oil
Indie Lee Squalane Oil


ZO Calming Toner
Calming Toner


Getting Skin Ready Bundle
Getting Skin Ready Bundle


Firming Serum


Hydrating Creme



There are three different levels of the At-Home Retinol Peel. Make sure to check with us to determine the appropriate length of time for your skin and to go over any questions you might have before starting.


5 pumps radical night repair AM/PM
For 3 days


5-8 pumps radical night repair AM/PM
For 4 days


(should only be done if you have previously done the mild and moderate protocol and it was tolerated well by the skin)
10 pumps radical night repair AM/PM
For 5 days


If you feel too irritated please stop peel and start with your post peel care (either your ZO Hydrating Creme or ZO Renewal Creme).

Important: do not substitute any of these products. Make sure to follow the protocol accurately. This is a very serious peel you do not want to be putting other products on your skin at this time.



1) Cleanse
2) Exfoliating Polish
3) Tone
(4. ZO Firming Serum – optional, but great for anyone looking for additional firming and tightening of the skin)
5) ZO Daily Power Defense
6) ZO Radical Night Repair 1%
(7. Sunscreen – apply once all retinol is absorbed IF you are going to be outside or near a window)



1) Cleanse
2) Tone
(3. ZO Firming Serum – optional, but great for anyone looking for additional firming and tightening of the skin)
4) ZO Daily Power Defense
5) ZO Radical Night Repair 1%
*Do not add other products or steps to this protocol!*


1) Cleanse
2) Exfoliating Polish (Gently)
3) ZO Hydrating or ZO Renewal Creme
4) SPF if going outside or near windows

*Continue to apply ZO Hydrating or Renewal Creme throughout the day to stay hydrated – a lot!*


1) Cleanse
2) Zo Hydrating or ZO Renewal Creme

*DO NOT add other products or steps to this protocol*


Once your skin starts feeling back to normal you can slowly start incorporating your gentle skin care products into your routine. Wait until skin is fully healed before re-introducing actives. Treat your fresh skin like sensitive baby skin, you will be more photo-sensitive so be extra cautious with sun exposure and SPF application for at least 2 weeks post-peel.

Important Things to Remember

If this is your first time doing the at home peel and you have sensitive skin or you just want to avoid a burning sensation and be as comfortable as possible post peel, we highly recommend purchasing the ZO Hydrating Creme even if you already have the ZO Renewal Cream as it is more soothing and hydrating.


Darker skin tones can be more prone to hyper or hypo pigmentation. If you are of a darker skin tone please make sure your skin is properly conditioned using ZO products and that your skin is a custom to the retinol before starting the peel. Please start with a mild version of the peel.


If this is your first time doing the peel please start with the mild to moderate version.


This peel cannot be done if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast-feeding.


If you have any skin conditions please contact us directly before starting this peel.


Your skin will be more photosensitive please make sure you are being diligent with your sunscreen during and after the peel process.


Make sure to avoid the eye area.


Anyone with a history of cold sores should avoid applying any peel around their mouth.


Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned before touching your face during this process.


It is important to not apply the retinol directly to your neck and chest as those areas will react much more than the face. We recommend applying the product to your face and then just wiping off the excess product left on your hands to your neck and Décolleté when finished applying it to the face.


This protocol is only to be done with the ZO Radical Night Repair 1%. This is a very specific delivery system and doing this protocol with any other retinol can result in damaging the skin.