Intensive Pigment Peel System

Our Intensive Pigment Peel is considered the gold-standard treatments for melasma and other pigmentation conditions.


The intensive pigment peel system is made up of a powerful formulation of ingredients, which work together to remove pigment from the skin and inhibit tyrosinase, the basic enzyme responsible for the production of excess pigment in the skin.


For the Best Outcome:

The treatment consists of two parts, an in-clinic mask application followed by a home care maintenance regime lasting up to 12 months. Results can usually be seen as early as 1-week post treatment, pigment will continue to lift and lighten and best results are usually observed about 4 weeks into the treatment.

The skin will appear even, luminous and healthy.



Skin redness and feeling of being sun burnt might occur for the first 2 days. Flaking usually appears around day 3 and can proceed for up to one week.

Once the flaking subsides you will start to notice improvement of the pigmentation and for further improvement and maintenance you will be required to continue with Cosmelan homecare. Initially when using your maintenance creams, the skin will feel sensitive, tight and may continue flaking; this usually subsides after about 2 weeks.

Fast Facts

Who’s it for?

Stubborn pigmentation, such as Melasma and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)


Similar to:

Deep Chemical Peels


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