Wedding Prep 101

Wedding Prep 101

Cue the wedding bells. We finally tied the knot, and now it’s time for my blog post on the nitty gritty, step-by-step guide of my pre-wedding beauty prep routine. So, let’s take it way back to the beginning. My husband and I knew we wanted to get married, but we wanted to do the whole “kid thing” first. That being said, knowing a wedding was in our future, my wedding prep started quite a few years ago. Here’s a breakdown of everything I did to make sure I was wedding-day ready. 

Step 1: Tattoo Removal

The very first thing on my prep timeline was tattoo removal. A couple of years ago Bob had the pleasure (no, seriously) of removing a couple of tattoos that I knew I didn’t want to be seen on my wedding day (or at all for that matter). Now, I’m going to be honest, the first few sessions were painful. But now that it’s over with, I haven’t looked back. It’s important to give yourself time for this one, because it can take around 6-10 sessions for your tattoo to completely disappear.

Step 2: Laser 

We got married in July, so the fall months leading up to my wedding is when I started on my laser treatments. I prefer to schedule my laser treatments in the fall and winter months to avoid increased sun exposure in the summer as laser procedures can make you more photosensitive. Around the fall I started alternating between Fractional Resurfacing and IPL Photo Facials. Both treatments target skin texture and pigmentation (I have my sun-loving teen years to thank for that one).

Step 3: Microneedling and Chemical Peels

As we got closer to the big day and the weather started to get warmer, I began transitioning away from Laser and into Microneedling and Chemical Peels. Both of these treatments are great for texture, complexion and overall skin health. Considering the fact that I was going to be wearing a backless dress on my wedding day, I also chose to do the Chemical Peel on my back. Chemical Peels exfoliate your skin, leaving it with a brighter and fresher appearance.

Step 4: Microdermabrasion

I stopped doing Chemical Peels about two months before the wedding, transitioning into less intense treatments and into regular skin maintenance. I booked myself in for Microdermabrasion, which is important for deep facial cleansing. Since I was having an out of town wedding, I made sure to book an appointment for one literally the day before I left. This really helped to exfoliate and clear out my pores. This treatment also helped all of my skincare products to absorb into my skin better.

Step 5: Filler

Next on the list came Filler. I’m definitely not new to the game, so I knew what would work for me and what I wanted to have done. If you are thinking of getting it for the first time, I would recommend starting about 3-4 months in advance, giving you enough time to get comfortable with what you like. Thankfully with filler, you can dissolve it if you are not happy with the results. But again, try it out in advance so you can tweak it to perfection.

Step 6: Injectables

Injectables take two weeks to fully work their magic, so it’s definitely good to work that in ahead of time. It lasts for about three months, however, so be careful not to do it too far in advance. Give yourself at least 2 weeks before the big day, so you have enough time to fine tune everything. Personally, I had my injectables done one month prior to my wedding, just to be safe.

Step 7: Dermaplaning

Now, I’m sure you’ve all heard me talk about Dermaplaning before. I feel like I sound like a broken record when I say you don’t need to spend a fortune to have someone do it for you. I bought my Dermaplaning tool online and do it once every week or two. Dermaplaning is actually a really good exfoliant, allowing your products to absorb much easier and also removing that small layer of peach fuzz hair on your skin (yes, we all have it!). Your makeup will apply much smoother, and you’ll be left with skin as soft as a baby’s bum!

Now if you’ve never done it before, I do not recommend trying it out for the first time the week of. Give yourself plenty of time beforehand, getting used to the motions of the blade and notice how your products react afterwards. Once you get in the groove, I promise, you’ll never go back.

Step 8: Laser Hair Removal

After the big day, you will hopefully be heading off as newlyweds on a relaxing honeymoon. The last thing you’ll want to be worrying about is shaving when you’re supposed to be soaking in all of that marital bliss. Thankfully, we have Laser Hair Removal to help with that. Now this is something you really cannot leave to the last minute if you want to see the full results. You need to space the treatments out about 6-8 weeks apart, and certain areas are going to need more or less treatments depending on the area, hair thickness and colour. That being said, wedding or not, if you’re still on the shave train, the dark ages are over and you need to get off ASAP. Trust me, it will make your life way easier. 

Step 9: Tan

When it came to a tan, I didn’t want to try anything new before the wedding or honeymoon. I debated a spray tan, but I decided to stick to what was tried and true. I opted for the self-tan route, and used my favourite James Read Express Tanning Mousse. What I like about this product is that you can apply anywhere from a light, medium or dark tan. You simply wash it off after one to three hours, depending on your preference. Again, and I cannot express this one enough,do nottry self-tanner for the first time the night before your wedding unless you want to risk looking like the cast of Jersey Shore. If it is your first time, I highly recommend a self-tan practice run a few weeks before your wedding, and then applying it a few days before the big day. That way you can buff out any areas that appear too dark.

And there you have it. My in-depth wedding-prep guide. Congratulations if you yourself are getting married, and congratulations if you’ve made it this far in my post. If this is you, then here are a few bonus tips to take home: 

If It Ain’t Broke… 

Do not use this time to switch up your skincare routine. If what you have is working for you, then stick to it. Don’t throw your skin any curveballs right before your wedding day because you never know how your skin is going to react to a new product. If there’s something new you want to try, again, give your skin plenty of time to adjust.


Nothing looks better on a bride than a luminous glow, so having products on hand to help you achieve that is a necessity. Some of my favourites are the ZO Exfoliating Polish and the ZO Exfoliating Accelerator. The former, being good to use on a daily basis (or work your way up to that if you are not already using an exfoliator). The latter, being a more aggressive exfoliant that is going to essentially burn through the top layer of dull, dead skin.

Be Prepared.

I had an emergency skin kit on hand for my wedding, just in case. In that kit I made sure to include the ZO Sulphur Mask to use as a spot treatment in case I felt a blemish coming on. I would put it on any problem areas at night and rinse it off in the morning. Stress-induced blemishes are a thing (and aren’t cute), but being prepared with something to combat them will seriously save you (and your wedding photos).

If you take one thing from this blog post, I urge you to make a plan ahead of time. I may not have had all the details of my wedding day planned out in advance, but at least I had my pre-wedding beauty routine on lock. If you’re interested in seeing a glimpse of what my big day looked like, check out my Instagram @botox_betty for the wedding video. And remember, if you have any questions regarding any of the treatments, don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.