Vitamin C!

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Vitamin C!

You’ve heard everyone talking about Vitamin C‘s important relation to skincare, so how does it work? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin by fighting free radicals! Free radicals are atoms with an unstable number of electrons. Therefore, they attack your skin cells, stealing electrons in order to stabilize themselves. However, during the process, another free radical is produced. This is followed by a chain reaction producing more and more radicals!

This process wreaks havoc on your skins protective barrier, which can result in dehydrated skin, faster aging, dull skin and more! This is when your best friend – Vitamin C comes in and saves the day. This vitamin donates one of its own extra electrons to stabilize the radicals and in return preventing the chain reaction! So if you don’t have a vitamin C serum on your counter yet, get your act together, sista! One of the best vitamin C products available is ZO Skin Health C-Bright.

TIP: Although there are many great versions of Vitamin C, keep an eye out for Ascorbic Acid which is said to be the highest quality and most researched version of Vitamin C found in skincare!

NOTE: Vitamin C is photosensitive, this means it “magnifies” the suns rays. It is completely okay and actually very beneficial to wear Vitamin C during the day as long as you are wearing SUNSCREEN!