The Medical Difference

The Vanity Lab - Medical Grade Skincare

The Medical Difference

There are two types of skincare out there, over the counter (which you get from a store such as Sephora) and Medical skincare (which is sold through medical professionals). The major difference is medical skincare uses much higher concentrations and usually takes time for skin to adjust, where over the counter has zero reaction.

Now I know what you are thinking, why not buy the one with no reaction. Well these products are not at a strong enough concentration to penetrate through the skin so it ends up just sitting on the epidermis. As these products don’t penetrate they also do not stimulate collagen. Medical products will take a bit to get used to but we are correcting the skin and changing the overall appearance while stimulating collogan.

Another reason people are shy towards medical skincare is they think it’s expensive… it’s not. You will find medical products to be the same price if not less than big department brands and you will get more out of it in the long run.

Just remember, anyone can put anything on a bottle but unless it’s medical – it’s not a fact.