Lytera 2.0

Lytera 2.0

If you are on the search for the most effective pigment correcting serum, Lytera 2.0 by Skin Medica is your go to product.  This was the first thing I got my hands on, joining team Vanity, and I absolutely love it!   The original Lytera did an amazing job on lightening, brightening and correcting skin discolourations (for lighter skin tones) but this version 2.0 works even faster to lighten dark spots on ALL skin tones. It’s pigment brightening serum is suitable for any skin type, including my olive skin.  The new formulation is brilliant and I cannot stress that enough! It’s been proven effective to reduce various types of hyper pigmentation in a wide variety of ethnicities, which is perfect for me and everyone else with medium brown to darker skin. Plus, Lytera 2.0 is now formulated without retinol, hydroquinone, and parabens so its less likely to peel and cause irritation. Super great for sensitive skin! I’ve had acne breakouts here and there, as well, and I’ve seen visible reduction in the appearance of my stubborn post inflammatory hyper pigmented areas. This brilliant product’s new technology doesn’t just treat skin’s surface, but actually helps balance melanin production. Nothing is better than having the best anti-aging ingredients to help create an overall more youthful and bright complexion.

I use this twice daily, every morning and at night. It is very convenient to use, with just one pump for the face and half a pump for the neck. The sleek bottle and beautiful packaging comes in very handy, I can slip it in my purse any time! It is also fragrance free, which is great for my sensitive nose.  Plus you can always blend this alongside other products (like hydroquinone) for best skin results.

With this baby on your skin care regimen, you’ll have brighter skin in no time!