Intensive Acne Peel System

The Intensive Acne Peel System offers an intensive treatment designed for the skin technicians to treat acne-prone and seborrheic skin by deep cleansing blocked pores, effectively removing impurities and improving the overall skin texture and tone.


The Acne Peel is applied by a technician to significantly treat acneic concerns, promoting your overall skin health by using a combination of acids for a powerful exfoliation, deep cleaning pores and reducing inflammation in the skin as well as a pore sealing serum application to soothe the skin and tighten the pores.


For the Best Outcome:

The treatment program requires 4 weeks of skin preparation with our Acnelan homecare system.

Once the skin has been prepared you will have an in clinic Acnelan peel every 15-21 days. For best results we recommend a minimum of 3 in clinic treatments.

More resistant acne may require up to 5 treatments for best results.



Light peeling, dryness and skin sensitivity have been reported in the few days following a deep aggressive acne peel system.

Fast Facts

Who’s it for?

Breakouts, Acne, Pimples and Blackheads


Similar to:

Chemical Peels


Other terms:

Acnelan Peel

Conditions Treated

Acne & Blemishes

Clear skin can be hard to come by, and while daily cleansing is great, our complexion needs regular “deep cleansing” treatments to make sure pores clear, and the skin is free from breakouts.


As we age, our skin can get a bit dull and to age gracefully, it needs some extra TLC. At The Vanity Lab, we offer many treatments to help brighten and clear the skin!

Skin Tone & Texture

Who doesn’t want Photoshop-worthy skin, au-natural? From our clinical grade skin care products to our effective skin and anti-aging treatments, we’ll help you look and feel your best through gorgeous, healthy skin.