If you have yet to discover the many uses of Glycolic Acid for your complexion, now is the time. With the ability to tackle just about every issue, from breakouts to fine lines, Glycogent by Zo Medical will be your new BFF. Glycolic Acid helps to dissolve oil and sebum at the top layer of your skin, exfoliates any dead skin cells that your trusted scrub didn’t quite catch, and, depending on your needs, can be used for much more.

Glycolic Acid can penetrate deep into the dermal layer of the skin, making it ideal for addressing cystic and regular acne breakouts alike—plus it almost seems to dissolve blackheads on contact.

Glycolic acid increases cellular turnover, which is a fancy way of saying that the ingredient sloughs away the dead skin built up on the surface, and helps the new cells at a lower level surface to the top. It works overtime to smooth over fine lines and reduce textural issues. Glycolic can effectively fade spots caused by the sun or acne by evening out the scar and fading the discoloration. Additionally, the ingredient helps give pores a more miniscule appearance. The reason? When dirt, oil, and sebum are clogging your pores, they tend to take on a much larger appearance.

With the arrival of summer, Glycogent is a fantastic option if you want to swap out the retinol (unless you plan to hide out in the shade with SPF 50 and a hat) as it will keep those dead skin cells away without making your skin photosensitive. Who can say no to a fresh & glowing face?