Lumecca IPL Accelerated for $350
(regularly $399)


Our IPL is now even better than before. As one of the leading providers of inMode technologies in Western Canada, The Vanity Lab is excited to announce our new Lumecca IPL Accelerated experience. Your experience starts with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a custom IPL treatment, and then we finish it off with a chemical peel. This means you are getting three treatments in one: a facial, an IPL, and a chemical peel all at once.


All of these steps will be tailored to your levels of tolerability and downtime. The finishing chemical peel can be a gentle one if you’d like to avoid looking peely and flaky, or it can be a stronger one for a truly accelerated protocol.


Lumecca is the gold standard IPL in the industry. Lumecca is fantastic for fading stubborn pigmentation, such as sun damage and dark spots, as well as addressing redness issues like rosacea, vascularity, and overall diffused redness. On top of all these benefits, you will also notice a significant collagen boost, targeting concerns such as fine lines, pore size, and making your complexion look even and glowing.


You’ll see faster results with fewer treatments: with traditional IPL, we would suggest anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments, but with Lumecca, you can achieve those results in as little as 2 to 4 treatments. This technology is also extremely comfortable, thanks to the inclusion of a sapphire cooling tip.


This is going to be an IPL treatment like you’ve never experienced before, completely customized from start to finish for your skin and your goals. Before your experience, you will consult with your technician so that every step can be tailored to your skin goals. We love that this protocol includes multiple treatments in one, which is a great option if you’re busy and want to see the fastest results possible – that’s why we call it accelerated.

Not sure which treatment is your perfect match?


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