How moving affects your skin?

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How moving affects your skin?

As It turns out, if you put a heck of a lot of effort in, you can actually pack your bags and move country in the middle of a global pandemic… who’d have thought!? I managed to make the move from London to Vancouver in July however in completing that process, one important thing had been jeapordized….my skin! Moving countries may come with many factors which can have an negative effect on our skin such as stress, time zone alterations, diet and climate change. It would come as no surprise that travelling can take its toll, whether we’re using different products than usual, eating exciting new cuisines or just not getting enough sleep (which may be down to a glass or two of wine!). After my 20 hour journey from the UK wearing a mask non-stop, thanks to Covid-19, my skin was left feeling less than fresh and i’ve been wondering, can moving to a new country have that much of an affect on our skin?

Let’s start from the beginning, any form of air travel over an extended period of time is always going to have a negative effect. Our skin is sapped of moisture due to the dry cabin air therefore it is so important to make sure we are keeping our skin hydrated with a good product before, during and after. Drinking water to hydrate is a must too! Water retention caused from the salty snacks and low activity levels whilst flying can lead to puffiness that we want to avoid. And as flight cabins are pressurized, it’s going to affect the blood flow to our skin which is going to steal the glow we know and love, exfoliating before a long flight will help as it will help to clear any congestion in the pores already. Also, if you’ve bagged a window seat, best reapply your daily sunscreen throughout the journey as the UV rays are a lot more intense when we’re closer to the sun!

Since touching down, my diet has changed drastically which has not only adversely affected my body but my skin too. I have indulged so only have myself to blame for the breakouts ((which may or may not be caused by some sugary treats)) but a new diet of exciting cuisines and ingredients will have had their own input. Meat, dairy and vegetables will have all been prepared in a different environment than I’m used to, meaning what I’m consuming may look the same but is very different. As our bodies adjusts to the new diet, and we start to get into a better routine with our daily food choices, our skin will settle with the help of a good skincare routine morning and night.

Climate, Pollution & Water
I’m lucky to have moved to a similar climate but in a lot of cases of migration people will move to a different one, this could bring on imbalances in both hydration and oil production. Adapting our skincare routine accordingly when we start to notice a change in either is the best way to maintain healthy skin and it’s always a good idea reach out for some friendly advice from a professional if we’re unsure. For all climates, SPF is important so keep that a staple in any daily routine.Moving to a busy city can also be a big change for our skin, especially if its used to a more rural environment. The skin is exposed to a lot more pollution which breaks down our barrier function and causes breakouts due to the build up of dirt particles on the skin surface. Making sure we cleanse morning and evening to get rid of the busy days residue will ensure that we’re taking the right precautions in our new environment.Which brings me onto the water we use to clean all that dirt and grime away! This may have changed slightly and can affect your skin as well as how your products perform. Hard water has a tendency to dry out and aggravate skin more so keep that in mind if you’re moving to a larger metropolitan area.

Stress and sleep 
Stress was a huge factor for me when moving, and with stress comes issues like eczema and breakouts. It’s so important to take time for yourself to slow down and breathe when planning a big move, and what a great excuse to use that time to tend to our skin. Be it with a face mask or a facial, the benefits of using that time to focus on ourselves is hugely rewarding. That goes hand in hand with sleep, we need sleep so our skin can rebuild its collagen and repair damage from UV exposure and reduce wrinkles and age spots hence the name ‘beauty sleep’. This is compromised when moving to a country in a different timezone as our sleep pattern is adversely affected. It’s best to try to adjust to your new timezone as much as possible before moving, and avoid napping as much as possible when you get there! If like me, you’ve decided to take a leap of faith and move to a different country/city then book in with a local skin technician to keep your skin healthy in your new environment but remember to let your skin adjust and settle in, It’s going to take time for your skin (and you) to adapt, so relax and enjoy the experience! 

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xoxo Sacha