Cleanse, exfoliate, TONE, moisturize, and protect are the first basic skin regimens we all need to have healthy, glowing, well maintained skin. Once we have a good understanding of the miracles these basic steps can do to ensure ours skin’s health, there’s no turning back to bad skin routines.

While most of us may know the mantra, how diligent are we really with maintaining a good skin care?  I’m pretty sure everybody loves a good cleanse, moisture, and SPF on their face but I personally find “toning” to be the least favourite process.

I steered away from using toners since most contain alcohol, and when a high percentage is used, it can be irritating and damaging to the skin as they can eliminate protective lipids and alter proteins. So I went ahead and did a little research on what toners are exactly, if they’re actually necessary and if there was an alcohol-free option.

According to Dr. Zein Obagi, “A toner is a type of solution, usually liquid, that effectively works to eliminate excess oil and remaining dirt in your pores that your everyday cleanser may not have washed away. Toners also restore the skin’s natural pH balance so that the skin has just the right amount of oil to protect it without causing blockages. By removing oily buildup and residue, toners can help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts.”

The Calming Toner (formerly known as Balatone) from ZO Medical is the perfect alcohol-free toner. I fell in love with this product with its advanced comfort to toning technology.  The gentle, cooling action and it’s unique combination of solvents, astringents and exfoliants thoroughly clears impurities and invigorates dry, weak skin. Plus the exclusive blend of hydrators, moisturizers, and conditioners make a pleasing scent! I’ve been raving so much about how I love that a toner can smell so good, it has become my least favourite skin regimen to my absolute favourite! Directions for use is easy peasy. Only a small amount is poured onto a cotton pad (after a good cleanse and exfoliation), gently applied on face (especially on t-zone and cheek area), without rinsing off and let it air dry. The routine should only take a few minutes per day but the results are amazing!

Overall, using a toner as a part of my skin regimen definitely makes a difference.  I have never been a toner believer in my life, but Balatone has changed all that. The beautifully packaged 180 mL bottle is of great value and lasts a good amount of time. Most importantly,  as an expecting mom it is absolutely safe for me and baby to be. I encourage you to try it—your skin will feel refreshed and clear in no time!

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