Fall Skin Care

5 Tips For Fall Skin Care

Fall is here! As the weather changes so should your skin care regime. Here are five quick tips to keep your fall skin in check.

Tip #1: Thicken Up

Replace your summer moisturizer with a thicker formula. As the days get shorter, the air gets colder and dryer. Your skin will need more moisture than it did during the hot, humid summer months.
Drying up like a leaf? Try our ZO Skin Health Deep Hydration Facial Treatment.

Tip #2: Play Time Is Over Now Let’s Get Serious

Serious about skin care? Now that summer is over it is the perfect time to start using retinol. And no, some fluffy drugstore or department store retinol does not count, we mean a full strength medical grade retinol. Rule of thumb, if you can buy it a Sephora it will not be strong enough to get a clinical change in your skin.
You will definitely want to go over a “retinol plan” with one of our technicians before starting, this stuff means business! Note: September is retinol month at The Vanity Lab. 20% off all retinol all month long! Set up a complementary consultation to find out what is the perfect retinal for your individual skin/needs.

Tip #3: Start Correcting Your Summer Damage Before The Holiday Season Begins.

Not madly in love with you skin? Then Fix it! Now that the sun has eased off you are safe to get back into laser treatments. So many people come in a week before the holiday party season wanting to erase all the spots and lines they acquired over the summer, not realizing it’s a process & that best results come from a series of laser treatments. Now don’t get us wrong, we are miracle workers, but you got to give us more than one day! However if you are new to laser it is always best to book a complementary consult/ skin analysis to determine the best treatments for you personal skin concerns.

4) Don’t Even Think About Putting Away Your SPF

Although you won’t get a sun burn walking around on a cloudy fall day, it does not mean you can forgo your SPF. UVB rays are what give you a burn in the summer. They are less strong the rest of the year & are filtered out by the clouds, this is why you generally don’t have to worry about getting a burn during the fall and winter months. UVA rays on the other hand are a different wavelength of the light. UVA is not filtered out by clouds and is just as strong year round. You will not get a sunburn from UVA rays however you will still get skin damage & premature aging, such as sunspots and wrinkles. A good broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher, year round, is the best & cheapest thing you can do to protect your skin & prevent premature aging.

5) Lets Get Personal

It goes without saying that everyones skin is different. Not only that but your skin is constantly changing. The needs of your skin may be different than what they were last season. Our best advice for altering your skin care regime is to have a skincare analysis done. Don’t waste time and money on products that you hope will work. Hope is not enough. Invests 30 minutes with one of our skin care experts to determine the exact products/ingredients that are needed for your individual skin needs & your personal concerns.

Now throw on a knit sweater & some boots and enjoy a pumpkin spice latte. Fall is finally here!