4 Tips For The Perfect Fall Lip

Fall is here & with that comes our favourite dark fall lip shades. A darker hue can leave lips looking thin & withered which can age your appearance… Not a good look.

Here are 4 simple tips to the perfect fall lip

Tip #1) Drink lots of water!

We know this one is obvious but staying hydrated is really your first line of defence when it comes to keeping your pout plump as the weather changes.

Tip #2) Toss the Chapstick

We recommend ZO Medical LipRebuild as a lip treatment, NOT Chapstick which lips can become dependant on with continuous use leaving them more dry as the air gets colder. ZO LipRebuild is bioengineered to reverse and restore severely dry, cracked and wrinkled lips using a clinically proven moisture recycling technology. An advanced peptide complex increases microcirculation to plump lips, improving overall shape, size and contour while restoring lips to their natural rosy colour. Not ready for filler? This is the next best thing. Totally addicted to filler? Then this is a must have product to prolong your results.

Tip #3) Get a second toothbrush

Use a toothbrush (just not the same one you use on your teeth, that would be disgusting) to lightly scrub your lips to exfoliate dry dead skin that makes lips look dehydrated and can be amplified by a dark lip colour.

Tip #4) Fake it till you make it

You can always plump up your fall pout with a little filler for a full, hydrated & youthful look, no matter the shade you choose to sport. Our tip for those new to filler is start slow. It is best to start on the conservative side with filler as you can always add more, that way you avoid looking overdone or “fake”. The best injectables are the ones people don’t know that you have. Go ahead take credit for that stunning set of lips. A good doctor should always strive for a natural look that best suits the structure of your face, as you are a walking representation of their work. If you feel like a doctor is trying to push you to buy more than you need run! No reputable doctor wants their name attached to duck lips. Lastly beware the super cheap “mini lip”. Some doctors will advertise bargain prices to get patients in the door, when really they inject such a small amount of filler you are very unlikely to be happy with the results. After you come back for a top up one or two more times to get the full lip that you were initially looking for you will end up spending twice the price then if you would’ve just started off with a reputable doctor in the first place. This seems to be trending tactic among many doctors out there, but when you think about it this is your face were talking about the cheapest deal out there is most likely not your best bet! That’s not to say the most expensive price tag will get you the best results, just be weary of deals and make sure to inquire about the quantity of filler as well as the quality of the product they use. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.

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