Tight & Bright

For the ultimate deep skin rejuvenation and brightening, We combine or Targeted ZO Stimulator Peel with The cutting edge Forma™ technology specifically designed for clients interested in even toned, tightened, firmer and glowing skin.


The Forma™ Radio-frequency device is a skin tightening treatment which boosts deep collagen production to create firm, toned and youthful-looking skin. While the ZO Stimulator Peel promotes cell renewal for a smoother more even complexion.


For the Best Outcome:

For best results we recommend a course of 6 treatments.

Sessions will alternate between the

  1. Tight and Bright Facial – this includes the ZO stimulator peel and targeted Forma
  2. Forma Targeted – this is only Forma on the main areas of concern.

You will have completed a course of 3 Tight and Bright Facials and 3 Forma Targeted Treatments. Treatments are spaced 1 week apart.



The skin may appear flushed for the first 30 minutes post treatment. The skin will feel warm to touch for 30 minutes post treatment. You can return to your normal daily activities straight after your treatment with firm radiant skin. Skin has been reported to feel slightly dry for 1-2 days post treatment.