Plasma Lift

Plasma Lift is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a device fitted with a tiny needle to deliver heat to the skin to tighten and firm it.

Using an electrical spark to heat tiny columns of the skin, skin fibers are shrunk and collagen production is boosted, leading to the tightening and removal of excess skin.

Plasma Lift removes or reduces fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, sagging skin on your neck or tummy, and skin imperfections. The results are only comparable to plastic surgery, and in most areas are permanent.

For the Best Outcome:

Results are seen immediately after 1 treatment, 2-3 treatments needed for best results.

For wrinkle removal in areas of the face that are cause by muscle movement, Botox is recommended to prevent wrinkles from returning.


The first 24 hours after your plasma lift, your skin may feel like it is sunburnt and you will have tiny little brown spots in a grid where the skin was treated. Special makeup can be worn 5-10 days after treatment. Once the brown spots fall off, skin may appear slightly pinkish for anywhere from 2 weeks – 2 months. Makeup can be worn as normal to cover this up. You will need to avoid sun exposure for 8-12 weeks, and an 50 SPF sunscreen or higher must be worn every day to avoid hyperpigmentation.

Fast Facts

Who’s it for?

Anyone looking to tighten and firm their skin through a minimally invasive treatment. It’s not ideal for those with darker skin types.

Similar to:

It often compared to plastic surgery, although this treatment is minimally invasive with a much shorter downtime.

Other terms:

Fibroblast treatment, soft surgery, phiLings, non-surgical blepharoplasty, plasma tightening

Before & Afters

Plasma Lift Vancouver
Plasma Lift Vancouver
The Vanity Lab - Plasma Lift - Anti-Aging
The Vanity Lab - Plasma Lift - Anti-Aging

Conditions Treated

Face Shape

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Skin Tightening

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Skin Tone & Texture

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Wrinkles & Fine Lines

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