Melantran3x is a depigmentation protocol that combines a gentle lightening chemical peel with superficial micro- needling combined with a depigmenting solution to directly target the melanocytes responsible for producing excess pigment.


Melantran3x is a summer safe solution for anyone who wishes to prevent and treat pigmentation in the warmer months without the downtime and inflammation associated with other procedures.


The lightening chemical peel renews the skin by lifting uneven skin cells off the surface of your skin and stimulating metabolism of the healthy cells underneath. With a series of chemical peels you can quickly achieve substantial improvement in pigmentation problems.


Micro-needling consists of 13 micro needles that are run over the skin. The needles oscillate up and down creating microscopic punctures within the skin. When combined with a depigmenting solution we are able to use a depth that allows us to push this solution directly into the melanocyte and prevent the formation of excess pigment


For the Best Outcome:

We usually recommend a course of 6 treatments spaced at 2 week intervals. For best results we recommend combining this with the Melantran3x gel and Melantran3x concentrate for at home use.



Redness can be expected for 24hrs post treatment
Heated sensation can be expected for the next 24hrs
Tightness of the skin can be experienced due to swelling Dryness and “old looking” skin that resolves after 3-5days
Flaking has been reported on day 3 and can last for a further 3+ days.