Why Cleansing is so Important

The Vanity Lab - Why Cleansing is so Important

Why Cleansing is so Important

This is the first step to any skin care regime and most people are not even doing this properly. With cleansing it is essential to wash both morning and night, but at night we need a extra step. Most of us are just washing once at night and let me just tell you what that is doing. Think for a moment of all the makeup, sweat and pollution that has accumulated on your skin through the day and now you are just smearing it into your skin like mud to a wall. It is essential to remove your makeup first before cleansing by using a makeup wipe or simply cleaning a second time after makeup has been removed. This way our pores are being deep-cleaned and not just moving oil from one pore to the next.

In the morning, cleansing is equally important as we need to wash off the product and dead skin from the night. Otherwise we are putting makeup and skincare over dead skin.

Remember wash on ladies.