Sunscreen: The One Product You Need Daily

Sunscreen: The One Product You Need Daily

Sunscreen seems to be one of those steps people tend to forget or cheap out on, yet it is the one product we need daily. With this in mind, the new age of sunscreens go much further than the basics we were used to growing up – from SPF’s that has added ingredients that do more or different formulas to suit all skin types.

The new wave of sunscreens really have everyone covered and make it much easier to want to apply. There are sunscreens on the market such as Skin Medica’s Total Repair and Defense that comes in three formulas (SPF 34, SPF 34 Tinted, SPF 50 Water Resistant). For an active person, the SPF 50 that is water resistant for 60 min would be a great option, but for a woman who is always on the go, the tinted version to give them some colour while also protecting would be my pick. All companies seem to be jumping on this band wagon so you can pick the perfect product for your skin. ZO Skin Health has 5 formulas from an SPF 30 with a built-in tinted primer to an SPF 50 that is oil free and water resistant.

Along with a variety of formulas, we also have SPF’s with added benefits. These are great for anyone who doesn’t like a lot of steps. Colorescience just came out with one of my personal favourites which is called “All Calm”. This doesn’t sound like an SPF at all but not only is it an SPF 50, it also has an amazing green undertone that instantly neutralizes the appearance of redness. If that wasn’t enough, it is also loaded with medical ingredients to correct to your skin’s tone. Colorescience also has a powered sunscreen with a light tint in three shades – Fair, Tan, and Medium.

There really is something for everyone now and for different parts of the day which make it easier to reapply. Remember ladies, dermatologists want us to reapply every two hours so find a formula (or two) you love and keep reapplying 🙂

Bob Yost