Bob’s favourite Sunscreen

Now that summer is over that doesn’t mean the SPF gets thrown away. Applying sunscreen is the one thing every dermatologist can agree on to help bite the signs of aging. My personal favourite is Total Defense and Repair from SkinMedica. This is far more then just a SPF ladies.

There are three types of UV Rays we need to protect our skin from. Most know the basics UVA and UVB but this bad boy also protects against the worst type IR (infrared). IR ray penetrate deeper into the skin the UVA and UVB rays and contribute to skin aging. Along with having you covered from all types of sun damage this is also packed with some of the strongest antioxidants known to man.

Anyone sick of your boring basic sunscreen should give this a try. I am currently loving the tinted formula but it is also available in clear and waterproof. It is perfect for all year round.