Microblading 101 

Microblading 101

Microblading. Finally there is a realistic solution to those thin, lifeless barely there brows. With thick brows now all the rage, those of us who suffered from any brow mishaps in our youth (90’s brows anyone?) can up their brow game to the max almost instantly. I say “almost” as microblading is a two step process. In order to achieve those crisp, defined hyperrealistic hairs two appointments are scheduled about 4-6 weeks apart. This way you can build the brow slowly, creating a natural looking brow that blends perfectly with any existing hairs.

Patience is going to be key here ladies as your brows will go through changes as they heal, starting off much darker, then flaking off and fading into almost nothing before coming back up healed at 4 weeks.

Everyones skin reacts differently to the process, and sometimes even a third touch up appointment is needed to get that defined look. These semi permanent strokes will eventually fade in anywhere from 1-3 years giving you the option of changing up your brows with the latest brow trends.

A few things to remember if you are looking to spruce up your brows this year:

1) Not everyone is going to look good with brows a la Cara Delevigne. Sometimes the truth hurts ladies. The best way to beautiful brows is to enhance what you already have naturally. You want the colour to be as close to your natural as possible and the strokes placed in the same direction of the hair growth.

2) Your adherence to aftercare procedures is just as important as the technicians work. If you don’t follow the aftercare instructions it can lead to loss of pigment, infection and scarring. Keeping your brows clean and dry as they heal is a must.

3) When mapping out the brows with your technician do not be afraid to be picky. If you think it may be too thick or too long tell your technician and adjust. You can always add more at your touchup.

Still have more questions? Book in for a complementary consult and let’s get those brows on fleek!

XO Noelle